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What we Charge

Here at IMAGE LAUNDRY, we like to be transparent about our pricing for Laundry Service in Dubai. We believe in offering quality laundry services for an affordable price. Why not take a look at our laundry service pricing .

Item TitleDry Clean/ LaundrySteam Pressing Only
Shirt9.00 AED4.00 AED
Trouser12.00 AED4.00 AED
Suit 2pcs35.00 AED15.00 AED
Suit 3pcs45.00 AED20.00 AED
Jacket (Coat)20.00 AED12.00 AED
Shirt (Silk)12.00 AED5.00 AED
Tshirts9.00 AED4.00 AED
Shorts7.00 AED3.00 AED
Dishdasha15.00 AED5.00 AED
Ghatra10.00 AED5.00 AED
Ghatra woolen15.00 AED5.00 AED
Lungi8.00 AED5.00 AED
Sport Suit25.00 AED10.00 AED
Pyjama10.00 AED4.00 AED
Item TitleDry Clean/ LaundrySteam Pressing Only
Kurta15.00 AED5.00 AED
Pullover20.00 AED5.00 AED
Overall35.00 AED15.00 AED
Bath Robe (Minimum)15.00 AED5.00 AED
Handkercheif3.00 AED1.50 AED
Tie10.00 AED3.00 AED
Safari Suit35.00 AED15.00 AED
Vest5.00 AED3.00 AED
Underwear3.00 AED
Socks (Pair)3.00 AED
Cap5.00 AED
Item TitleDry Clean/ LaundrySteam Pressing Only
Skirt (Pleated)25.00 AED15.00 AED
Skirt15.00 AED5.00 AED
Long Skirt20.00 AED8.00 AED
Blouse15.00 AED5.00 AED
Saree (Minimum)25.00 AED10.00 AED
Abaya15.00 AED5.00 AED
Night Gown(2 pcs)20.00 AED10.00 AED
Shawl15.00 AED5.00 AED
Scarf15.00 AED5.00 AED
Item TitleDry Clean/ LaundrySteam Pressing Only
Salwar Kameez (2 pcs)25.00 AED8.00 AED
Salwar Kameez ( 3 pcs)35.00 AED15.00 AED
Dupatta10.00 AED5.00 AED
Formal Dress (Minimum)35.00 AED10.00 AED
Salwar12.00 AED5.00 AED
Item TitleDry Clean/ LaundrySteam Pressing Only
Bedsheet (Double)15.00 AED5.00 AED
Bedsheet (Single)10.00 AED5.00 AED
Pillow10.00 – 25.00 AED
Table cloth (Minimum)10.00 AED5.00 AED
Pillow Case5.00 AED3.00 AED
Quilt Cover20.00 AED7.00 AED
Item TitleDry Clean/ LaundrySteam Pressing Only
Bed Spread (Minimum)35.00 AED
Blanket (Double)35.00 AED
Towel (Big)10.00 AED
Towel (Medium)5.00 AED
Towel (Small)2.00 AED
Napkins2.00 AED
Carpet20.00 AED/(sq mtr)
Blanket (Single)20.00 – 25.00 AED


20 - 60 AED

High heel tip replacement

50 - 100 AED

Leather insole replacement

40 – 65 AED

Shoe cleaning

80 - 500 AED

Shoe colouring

120 - 200 AED

Shoe polishing

50 - 75 AED


30 – 120 AED

Bag Cleaning

100 – 500 AED

Mixed Wash & Fold ( 30° machine wash + tumble dry)

11 AED per kg

separate wash and fold ( 30° machine wash + tumble dry)

13 AED per kg

How we Work

Were you searching for the best Simple Price List? Image Laundry is a next-generation premium laundry service that offers high-standard treatment for all your garments. We collect, wash, clean and deliver your laundry to your doorstep within 48 hours. There are three simple steps to get your laundry cleaned:

Schedule a collection: You can schedule a time for picking up your laundry online. Select any time you are convenient, including weekends.

Laundry Scout: Our team of drivers brings the laundry bags to the nearest location, where we sort out each item and start the laundry process accordingly, and ensuring outstanding results.

Get Clean Laundry: You will get your clothes and other items within 48 hours of turnaround time. We provide clean and ironed clothes ready for action.

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Bag Up All Your Dirty Clothes

Spend your time doing what you love. Leave your dirty and stained clothes in a bag for us to clean it.


We Pick Up Your Clothes

Book your laundry online and avail free pickup to save your time to reach us.


We Clean Your Clothes

We wash just in two days and in kilos with premium quality that meets international standards.


We Deliver Clean, Folded Clothes

Get each item of your laundry cleaned and folded as you have just bought from the store.

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