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All You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning

All You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning can extend the life of a variety of clothes in your house. It has been a popular way to clean your clothes without having to worry about them getting damaged. Let’s first understand what dry cleaning is.

Dry Cleaning Explained

Dry cleaning involves cleaning your clothes using a solvent rather than doing so with detergent and soap. Best Dry cleaners in Dubai offer professional dry cleaning service using such solvents. More often than not it is done using a petroleum solvent. Carbon dioxide is also used for dry cleaning. Top laundry services in discovery gardens say that not all dry cleaners are the same and hence you must choose the best dry cleaners near you.
Now let’s take a look at some of the fabrics you can dry clean-

1. Dull yellow or faded white clothes

White clothes often get dull yellow or they fade with time passage. Dry cleaners in Jumeirah village circle use fresh and safe solvents to dry clean white clothes to make them white. If you think your white clothes have lost their appeal and are getting pale yellow, then contact a good laundry service in discovery gardens.

2. Embroidered garments

If you wash garments with embroidery, then the metallic thread will lose its sheen. This is why you need to get them dry cleaned by the best laundry in Dubai.

3. Garments with embellishments

If you wash garments with embellishments in washing machine then they will lose shirring as it gets damaged, if you wash them in a machine. Besides, folded sashes, smocking, shoulder pads, and flower decorations also get damaged which means your clothes with embellishments will never be the same again. That’s why dry cleaning is required for such clothes.

4. Painted fabrics

Dry cleaners in Dubai say that painted fabrics must never be washed just like other clothes. In certain clothing items glitter paint is added using a glue and normal wash will just take it off your garment. That’s why dry cleaning is a must for such clothing or fabric.

5. Stained fabrics

Stains look really ugly on clothes and when you try getting rid of them by regular washing; you end up making them even worse. That’s why you must dry clean them. Dry cleaners have the necessary solvents and expertise to clean those stains without damaging the appeal of the fabric.
Besides the clothes mentioned above, you should also dry clean formal clothes, home furnishing items and vintage clothes. You also need to take precautions while dry cleaning the clothes. That’s why it is recommended that you leave it to a professional dry cleaner.
Hope you found the post informative. For more information related to best dry cleaners in Dubai, feel free to ask us.

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