Cleaning a Weighted Blanket - Tips & Tricks

Cleaning a Weighted Blanket – Tips & Tricks

Cleaning a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are no doubt an amazing invention and are immensely loved by everyone. Blankets are like the warmest hugs that wraps you in a cozy cocoon of comfort. Blankets help reduce anxiety, amp up the comfort factor, and ensures better sleep. Imagine going to bed wrapped in your favourite fluffy blanket on a cold night – How blissful! Right? But keeping your fluffy blankets in great condition is a real task. Many people avoid using their favourite blankets due to the fear of ruining them. Well, if you could figure out how to clean your blankets, you would be using your favourite blankets without feeling skeptical about maintaining it.

How to Wash Your Blanket?

Laundering your blanket right is vital in ensuring that it lasts. It might seem easy to throw it in a washing machine, but since blankets are made of different materials and they might contain poly plastic pellets, that is not a great idea to maintain them. Well, but there are surely ways to wash your weighted blankets and to make sure that you have a clean, fluffy blanket for years to come.

Dry cleaners in Dubai, Marina suggests that before learning how to clean and dry a weighted blanket, you should always read the care label for precise information regarding the cleaning process. Next, you have to check how heavy your blanket is. If it weighs around 12 lbs or more, you have to look for a laundry service in Dubai so that it can be washed in a machine that could handle much larger loads.

For a lighter blanket, you could wash it at home by following some simple instructions. Here’s what you will need if you are machine washing or hand washing your blanket at home:

  • Pretreatment stain remover
  • Mild laundry detergent
  • Dish soap (optional)
  • Bathtub (optional)

Pretreatment Process

– If there are any stains visible on the blanket, pretreat the stains with a mild stain remover. Make sure you read the pretreatment instructions that are on the bottle of the stain remover.

– If your blanket has oil or grease stains, wet the stained area with the dish soap and then rub gently so that the soap can penetrate the fibers of the blanket.

After the blanket is pretreated as instructed above, you could move to the washing phase.

Machine Washing a Blanket

Depending on the material of the blanket and the fillers used, you could clean the blanket in warm or cold water. It is better to check the care label so that you will know how to proceed exactly.

Here’s how you should wash a cotton-based blanket with poly-pellets:

  • Add a mild laundry detergent into the detergent compartment or the drum of the washing machine
  • Now insert your pre-treated blanket
  • Process the blanket on a gentle cycle in a machine in either cold or warm water.
  • Once the cycle finishes, take out the blanket from the machine immediately

Hand Washing a Blanket

If you do not have a machine or if the label instructions recommend hand wash, here’s how you need to wash it:

  • Fill your bathtub halfway with lukewarm or cold water
  • Add mild laundry detergent and agitate the water with hands
  • Immerse your pretreated blanket in the tub and start kneading it with your hands
  • After a while of kneading, drain your bathtub to remove the detergent water
  • Now, fill the tub with fresh water and rinse the blanket in clean water
  • Remove the blanket from the tub and wring out excess water

Drying a Blanket

How you dry your blanket depends on what temperature it can withstand. Read the care label for that. Generally, you should either air dry your blanket or tumble dry it on low heat or air fluff mode.

If you are air drying, make sure to wring out excess water and hand it in a ventilated space. If needed, shake the blanket occasionally to ensure that the blanket’s weight stays every distributed.

Can Blankets be Dry Cleaned?

Yes, most of the blankets can be dry cleaned. Many people who want to avoid the daunting task of laundering the blankets at home, simply outsource their blankets to dry cleaners in Dubai Marina for a thorough professional cleaning.

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