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Difference Between Dry Cleaning & Laundering

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One common question that the laundry services ask to their customers is, whether the garments needs to be dry cleaned, or laundered. Most of us say them to do whatever is appropriate just because we don’t know the difference between the two and want to embarrass ourselves by asking it. Now no more facing embarrassment since Image Laundry, Dubai brings you the difference between dry cleaning in dubai and laundry services.

Dry Cleaning Services:

It is the process of cleaning laundry without the use of water and hence, the name. Instead of water, a special type of solution called perchloroethylene, also known as perc is used. This liquid chemical has the properties to remove dirt and stains from the clothes. The overall process is more expensive than laundering since it is more evolved. Besides, it’s most suited for washing those garments that are sensitive to water. Moreover, it best works for thick, sturdy, and heavy materials such as rugs, carpets, huge curtains, awnings, men suits, and gowns. The dry cleaning service process involves pre-treating the laundry with perc and then tumble dried in the washing machine.

Laundry Services:

Laundering is the typical traditional method of cleaning the garments which can be done at home by hand-washing or with the help of a washing machine. Some people prefer to do the laundry at home, while some take the garments to laundry service as they get more time to spend with their family, or do other chores. It is also called wet laundering since the process involves using laundry detergent and water for cleaning garments. Most laundry shops also use fabric softener to retain the feel of the fabric. No chemical is used in wet laundering, and the dirt and stains are removed with just water and detergent.

Dry Cleaning Vs. Laundering

Though both these methods of cleaning garments are effective, there are a few differences between the two.

1) Dry cleaning cannot remove collar stains, sweat and odor hidden in the collar. These types of tough stains and odor needs to be softened by using laundry detergent and a bleach and then soaking clothes in water.

Laundry washing is cheaper as compared to dry cleaning since the only materials used in the process are natural detergent and water.

2) Dry cleaning minimizes the chances of fading that can occur. After washing, the garments are hand-ironed for removing any wrinkles and crisp finish.

Wet laundering is best suited for clothes that are not sensitive to water and can sustain the original scent of the fabrics since no chemical is used in the process.

3) Dry cleaning doesn’t shrinks the garments. Whereas, the chances of garments getting smaller in size, crumpled, and shrunk is more in wet laundering.

Wet laundering is best to get dirt-free and cleaner clothes since they are washed properly with water and with appropriate washing machine settings suitable for the clothes.

4) Dry cleaning is best for all types of materials and fabrics, whereas, laundry washing is only for selected clothes.

Wet laundering uses less energy, whereas, dry cleaning needs more energy since the clothes to be washed are tumbled in the washing machine.

This concludes that the only difference between dry cleaning services and laundry services in dubai is the process and materials used. If you don’t know which one suits your clothes, or cannot identify the type of fabrics or materials and stains, head to Image Laundry, Dubai. We provide dry cleaning and laundry services with home pick-up and drop. Our cleaning process is scientific and environmental-friendly. We have trained laundry persons to clean all types of garments. Plus, we follow all the instructions for washing by the garment manufacturers.

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