How Dry Cleaning Helps Keep Germs and Viruses at Bay

How Dry Cleaning Helps Keep Germs and Viruses at Bay

Dry Cleaning Helps Keep Germs and Viruses

When the world is badly hit by a pandemic, it is more important than ever to ensure that the laundry items are sanitized properly and are safe for everyday use. In this tough time, we understand that you need to prioritize the sanitization of your laundry items. Now the question arises, how can you be sure that we offer reliable laundry services and use best practices to keep your clothes germ-free?

When you choose us as your dry cleaners in Dubai Marina, you could rely on us for keeping your clothes clean and pathogen-free, and here are a few reasons why. Read on and find out how our dry cleaning practice aids in the process of keeping your laundry free from germs and viruses.

People often fear outsourcing laundry in the wake of the deadly coronavirus. But the professional and proper practice of dry cleaning and laundry assists in keeping the virus away.

How Dry Cleaning Aids in Keeping Viruses and Germs Away?

Hot water treatment

According to the World Health Organization, a temperature of 140-150 degrees Fahrenheit end to kill most viruses. At Image Laundry, our dry cleaning load is treated in hot water at temperature up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This step could potentially help you get rid of viruses and germs.

Soap treatment and strong mechanical action

We have formed a habit of washing our hands for 30 seconds to kill the virus. In the same way, our dry cleaning process involves putting the load under soap treatment which also includes strong mechanical action which could break down gears and viruses. Moreover, as you rinse the load to remove the soap, the surfactants int he soap will also wash away viruses and bacteria. This works the same way washing hands works to eliminate pathogens and germs.


For the dry cleaning load that requires cold water wash, we use organic disinfectants to kill viruses and bacteria. Even otherwise, a cold wash still has the potential to destroy pathogens and bacteria as long as the load is exposed to the right detergents. But we would not like to take any chance and so we also treat the load with supplementary disinfectant.

High-temperature drying

Dry cleaning load is generally heat dried or heat pressed at up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit temperature which is hot enough to kill viruses and bacteria. If by rare chance hot water, soap, and disinfectant treatments fail to get rid of the germs, the final drying process will.

Moreover, we are taking all the precautions to maintain hygiene and ensure safety at our laundry in Dubai Marina. Our staff wears gloves while handling the laundry which prevents the virus spread from our employees. In the process to keep the viruses and germs away, we do not use any harmful chemicals. We use organic cleaning ingredients which helps to keep the clothes clean and fresh.

If you still have any queries regarding the measures we take to combat COVID-19, you are free to consult our support team and ensure every vulnerability for the spread is taken care of. For us, health and safety come first and we truly stand by it.

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