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How Often Should You Be Dry Cleaning Your Wardrobe Essentials?

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Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where business meetings and social gatherings rule everyday scenario. As such, keeping your wardrobe essentials fresh, spotless, and unfaded is vital.  One way do it is by taking professional dry cleaning services. Luckily, best dry cleaners in Dubai are plentiful  to help you look a dapper with a neat and clean appearance.

However, it’s also necessary to know how often you should take dry cleaning services for your wardrobe essentials since over-doing it could decrease their lifespan. But don’t worry, ImgLaundry, your very own local laundry services with innovative green technologies will help enjoy your wardrobe essentials for a long time.

ImgLaundry has professional equipments to treat any luxury brands and uses eco-friendly materials that are gentle, yet effective for sustaining purity and longer life of all types of garments. Being one of the most sought-after dry cleaners in Dubai Marina, you can enjoy guaranteed quality, and hassle-free door to door services.

Follow these rules for dry cleaning your wardrobe essentials


Business & Formal Suits : Suits require expert hands for dry cleaning services. That’s where ImgLaundry outshines other dry cleaners JLT. The good thing about dry cleaning a business suit is that you can wear it for several times before giving it for dry-cleaning again.On the contrary, a formal suit is worn for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties, etc. As these moments don’t come daily, the gap between each wear is quite broad. Since it will be hanging in your wardrobe for a long time, giving it for dry cleaning services is wise to maintain its spark.

All professional dry cleaners in Dubai will recommend this rule:

Business Suit – After using it four to five times

Formal Suit – After each wear

Shirts : Shirts are made of different materials and they are the ones that absorb sweat due to being in direct contact with the skin. However, availing dry cleaning in dubai for these wears will depend on the type of fabric. Since each material used in the making of the shirt reacts differently to dry cleaning, ImgLaundry recommends this schedule:

Wool Shirts – After three to four times

Cotton Shirts – If you want them to be properly ironed with crisp linings and no wrinkles, then dry clean them as you wish.


Silk Blouses : Silk materials are expensive, and a luxury for the owners. Like shirts, they too are in direct contact with the skin and hence, absorb sweat. So it’s a good idea to give them for dry cleaning services rather than cleaning at home. An experienced cleaner will give them proper treatment and ensure  their fibers do not break.

ImgLaundry has this recommendation for you:

Silk Blouses – After each wear.

Pants  : No dry cleaners in Dubai can set a perfect timeline for dry cleaning your pants since they bear the onslaught of pollution and are vulnerable for stains or spots. In case, you’re wearing pants made of stain-repellent material, then they don’t need to be given for dry cleaning services often. But you can definitely give them for traditional laundry washing since along with cleaning, you’ll also get them nicely pressed by professionals.

Wool Pants – After 20 times

Other fabric pants – After four to five times


Denim  : Professional dry cleaners in Jumeirah Village Circle like ImgLaundry are trained in removing stains and handling any garment materials. Though denim jackets and jeans are tough and long-lasting, they fade and shrink faster than other garments. If you enjoy wearing a pressed denim, then give them for dry cleaning.

How often your wardrobe essentials need dry cleaning will depend on the fabric. Woolen clothes can be worn for maximum times before they need to be given for dry cleaning again. Clothes made of silk and cashmere need frequent dry cleaning because of the sweat and body odor they absorb. Regular use of suits makes them vulnerable to stains thereby arising the need of dry cleaning services.

To maintain the life span of your wardrobe essentials, contact imglaundry – the best dry cleaner in Dubai. We are in dry cleaning services for years and know how to treat different types of fabrics with care and gentleness. As our esteemed clients, we will also provide you with care tips for a happy closet.

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