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How to Properly Deal With Stains on Silk

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Silk is a soft, light, and breathable fabric perfect for Dubai’s hot weather. Being a delicate and expensive material, even a slightest of stain on it is bound to give the owners a restless moment. Whether you’re a tourist or a local and have encountered “oh my god….” moment by accidentally staining your silk, call ImgLaundry for a professional laundry service in Dubai to make the spot vanish without a trace.

ImgLaundry has world-class automated washing, dry cleaning, ironing, and automated dosing units, including eco-friendly products to give your clothes a fresh, and natural look. What’s more, you can also receive  laundry free pickup delivery in Dubai. Just a phone call will have a pick-up van at your doorstep in 30 – 40 minutes.

Follow these rules for dry cleaning your wardrobe essentials


Why give silk clothings to a laundry : Washing your expensive silk at home is not a good idea. It requires special care for cleaning, which only a reputed laundry service in Discovery Gardens like ImgLaundry can provide. You might do more damage than good, especially when you don’t know the right techniques and products to use. So why not spend a little money when it can help in maintaining the original sheen and luster of your silk as well as for removing the stain. Avail these benefits without even stepping out because of the pick up and drop laundry services.

If you still want to give it a try at home, as an experienced laundry service in Dubai, we would recommend these steps for you.

stains-removalFirst know when to treat stains at home : Don’t jump on treating the stain on silk the moment you see it. First, try to understand when to treat it at home. The reason for this is, silk fabrics react differently to stain removal products and during cleaning. So as a primary rule of the laundry service Dubai Marina, read the care label provided by the manufacturer first. If it reads  ‘Dry Clean,’ you can still use other methods since it’s the manufacturer’s recommendation. When the label says “Dry Clean Only,” then follow it strictly and call for pick up and drop laundry services since a hand-washing may ruin the interfacings of the silk.

Here are tips for how to deal with stains on silk

  1. Whether it’s a shirt, blouse, tie, dress suit, robe, or furnishings made of silk, use a piece of damp cloth to blot the stain immediately. Blotting the stain will prevent it from getting deep into the fabric. Wipe the stain by applying a gentle pressure. Rubbing the stain hardly may push it further deep into the silk fibers. In case the stain has dried, give it for laundry in Dubai.
  2. Soak the silk in cold water mixed with a mild liquid detergent. If using a soft soap, stir the water to create a lather after you’ve wiped the stain as much as possible. Add a few drops of mild liquid detergent or a soft soap to the water. Depending on the type of stain, you can also use vinegar and water. Generally, laundry services in Dubai recommend this combination for removing ink stain from silk. If the silk is stained by oil or grease, put talcum powder on the spot and wait for some time until it dries completely. When the powder has soaked the oil or grease totally, then wash it gently with cold water.
  3. After 10 minutes of soaking, gently rub the stain area against itself. This will avoid the stain from spoiling the clean area of the fabric. Additionally, rub the stain gently with your fingers. This will prevent the fabric from wearing out and also provide some friction.
  4. Avoid any sorts of exposure to heat and sunlight. If the stain isn’t removed yet, hang up the garment for drying and call ImgLaundry for pick up and drop laundry services.

If nothing works, call for pick up and drop laundry services. A professional cleaner can deal with stubborn stains using the right kind of products and techniques. Specialist laundry cleaners like ImgLaundry use soft, effective, and innovative vegetable-based products for treating stains on silk. Moreover, they don’t use any unnecessary pressure, heat, and apply tricks most suitable for the type of stain.

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