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Should My Suit Be Dry Cleaned or Laundry Washed?

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We all are very possessive about our suits since they are one of our prized possessions, and an expensive addition to our wardrobes. Whether we wear it for a formal or informal occasion, it makes us look dapper. Being expensive and so close to our hearts, we are often apprehensive about giving it to a laundry service in Dubai. When the need arises to clean it, we also don’t hesitate in Goggling for laundry near me. However, before giving the suit for cleaning, you must know whether it must be dry cleaned or laundry washed. Being aware of the available options and the difference between them will help in enjoying your suit for a long period.

Difference between laundry washing and dry cleaning

Laundry washing is the traditional washing in which the laundry service uses water and detergents for cleaning. It’s basically wet cleaning that requires lots of water and hence, not environmental friendly. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, is also a type of wet cleaning, but in a different sense. In this cleaning process, instead of water, chemical solvents are used. How the clothing will come out after the dry cleaning will depend on the technology and materials used by the laundry service. Since the fabrics used in making your suit are fragile and vulnerable to wear and tear, dry cleaning must be handled by professional hands.
Choosing between dry cleaning and laundry washing will also depend on other factors such as:


How Often Do You Use Your Suit? : Suits are mainly worn for special occasions. Some people wear them daily as their profession demands them. If you are using it regularly, dry cleaning in dubai will help in keeping it clean. Since your suit is made of expensive, but fragile fabrics, it is necessary to handle it with a gentle care for which dry cleaning process is the best. However, since strong chemical solvents are used in dry cleaning, it’s likely that your suit may fade soon or its fabrics may come out. Other option to keep it clean  and ready to wear is by choosing traditional laundry washing. In case, you are using it once a week or rarely, then dry clean it at least once in a year.


How strong is the stain? : Some stains are so stubborn, that laundry washing couldn’t remove them completely. If you still insist on removing them through the traditional washing method, chances are the fabrics may get weathered. Therefore, for intense stain, it’s wiser to go for dry cleaning since the material and mechanism involved in the cleaning process can handle the deepest stains efficiently. Wine stains, ink stains, grease stains, oil stains, and any other intense stains are best removed through dry cleaning.


The suit’s inner framework : The inside surface of any suit is coated with a layer of different material to make the fabric hang well. When they come in contact with the water and high heat during laundry washing, they tend to break apart. Even the exterior fabrics lose its lining when they get hit by the water. Since no water is used in dry cleaning, the interlining of the suit doesn’t break apart. The heavy-duty drum of the machine rolls and bounces the suit mixing it with the solvent after which the dirt is removed using steam. After the stain is removed, the suit is then tumbled dry and machined pressed.

Choosing between dry cleaning and laundry washing is a personal choice. Whatever option you have picked ensure that your expensive business and  casual suits are handled by a professional cleaner like the Image Laundry – a professional in handling all types of clothing in Dubai.

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