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Ten reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned Year Round


A carpet is one of the most valuable assets at any home and facility. It raises the comfort level, and adds an aesthetic appeal to any room and stairs. Being costly, it requires expert handling, use of appropriate materials, and an effective method for cleaning, which isn’t possible to DIY. The key to add life to and prevent your expensive carpet from getting ruined is the kind of treatment performed when cleaning. To enjoy maximum comfort from your carpets, hire a professional Carpet cleaning in Dubai.

Prolongs the life of the carpet : Professional carpet cleaning handles the cleaning process delicately and uses the bet extraction method, which helps in extending the life of the carpets. They work with special tools and materials that are gentle yet effective for carpet cleaning. So derive maximum returns on your flooring investment with reputed carpet cleaning services in Dubai.


Maintains Indoor Air Quality : Carpets are one of those items at any home and facility that receive maximum traffic. As such, dust that are stuck to our shoes gets trapped in them. Further, the dust that flows in through the door and windows also worsens the indoor air quality. These airborne toxins that cannot be seen with naked eyes get settled on the carpet because of its soft fibers. So to remove these toxins and improve indoor air quality, it’s necessary to vacuum and clean the carpets year round.

Easy to maintain  : A carpet is one of the most expensive investments people and businesses make. As it is made of special fabrics, it catches dry dirt and other particles easily. If these things are not removed regularly, they ruin the carpet when delayed. Therefore, to maintain it clean and keep its shine intact, regular vacuuming of the carpet is essential.


Removes spots and stains : We all love to have a hot cup of coffee or an evening snack on the carpet. In that pursuit, sometimes, we accidentally spill liquid or other eatables on the carpet that causes spots and stains on it. Such marks ruin the looks of the carpet, and also augment spoiling. To protect it from getting damaged, it’s necessary to take the help of a professional carpet cleaning like the Image Laundry. This laundry service has specialized tools and solid experience in fighting any types of spots and stains. If you Google carpet cleaning Dubai, you can easily find them.

Eliminates bacteria and allergens buildup : Dry dust, and stains caused due to the accidental spilling of eatables raises the chances of bacteria and allergens buildup. Wet staining may also cause the carpets to become a ground for contaminants. These situations make people vulnerable to allergies. With regular carpet cleaning, you can eliminate the buildup of bacteria and allergens.
Adds aesthetic appeal to a room and facility : Who doesn’t want to live in a clean and a healthy environment. With a well-maintained and cleaned carpet, you can enjoy these comfort. By removing odor and unsightly stains, a professional carpet cleaner will make the room and the facility cozy and healthy. A cleaned carpet will definitely make the indoor space look vibrant and lively.
Improves productivity : When the carpet is sparkling clean and free of dust and stains, it will make the work environment healthy and positive. When you are providing your employees with such an atmosphere, there morale will naturally be high, and when they are high on moral, it will reflect in their productivity.
Brings dull carpet to life : With time, the carpet tends to lose its sheen and becomes dull. Such faded and boring carpet also makes the indoor spaces look weird. Professional cleaning of carpet will help you maintain the color and add life to a dull carpet. That way, you will also be spared from investing in a new carpet. Moreover, your carpet will look and smell fresh.
Removes dust mites and bedbugs : Carpets are a safe home for dust mites and bedbugs since they could easily hide in it. The warm and smooth fibers of carpets attracts these tiny insects. To stop them making your expensive carpet a home, perform regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning. Make it a top priority in your home maintenance program.
Fulfills the carpet’s warranty :  To maintain the carpet’s warranty, it’s necessary that you get it vacuumed and cleaned by a an extraction method that is possible only through hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Carpets are costly and something that cannot be purchased very often. So to get maximum return on from investing on it, having it cleaned year round is essential. Regular maintenance and cleaning will also add extend the life of your carpets as well as bring back dull carpets to life.

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