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The 5 Benefits of Using a Dry Cleaning Service

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In today’s daily life, where time is at a premium, dry cleaning service has become a necessity rather than a luxury. If you value time and don’t mind spending a few bucks on your comfort, you will find dry cleaning service offers many benefits. From caring for your clothing to maintaining their fresh look and extending lifespan, here are the five benefits of using a dry cleaning in Dubai.

But First, Why Dry Cleaning Silk and wool are the two common fabrics that have to be dry cleaned since they can easily shrink and lose their freshness with conventional cleaning. Then there are other materials like polyester that have to be dry cleaned. When these types of materials are stained with oils and grease, it’s practically impossible to remove them using detergents and water. That’s where dry cleaning service comes handy for it uses special cleaning solvents that work better on fresh and older stains. If you’re unable to decide which fabric needs dry cleaning, contact a professional dry cleaners in Dubai Marina like Image Laundry. The types of commercial laundry equipment and innovative green technologies they have are the best in Dubai. They take proper care to preserve color, texture, and freshness of garments, and return them to customers like new

Five Benefits of Dry Cleaning Service


Proper & Gentle Treatment: Certain delicate clothes need gentle treatment when washing. This isn’t possible with old-fashioned home washing. Even the laundry products used for home washing are too harsh. With innovations in dry cleaning and the use of greener products, your garment can have proper care and gentle treatment they deserve. If you use the innovative greener technologies and fully-automated dry cleaning service of Image Laundry, you can definitely add more life to your clothes.


Comprehensive & Complete Care : Just washing and drying clothes in the machine at home doesn’t mean the job is finish. You have to iron, fold, and store them for use. But when you’re using a dry cleaning service, you don’t have worry about the post-washing tasks. Not only you will get your garments in an immaculate manner, but also neatly ironed. What’s more, Image Laundry also offers laundry pickup and delivery to your door in Dubai for 24*7. This will also save you time and fuel from carrying your laundry all the way to the dry cleaners.


Clear Stains, Odors & protects clothing from damage : Sometimes, you may succeed in removing stains from the garment with certain home remedies. But the joy of success is not long-lasting because there are high chances of damaging the garment with DIY methods. So let a professional dry cleaner handle the stains and odors and help you continue enjoying your favorite dress

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Cleans any & all sized items: Home washing machines are not made to handle large items like carpets, rugs, curtains, and comforters. These items require a commercial dry cleaning machine which only professional dry cleaning services have. So don’t sweat on cleaning them and use a dry cleaning service.


Extends a lifespan of your clothes: Your clothes will get a long life with dry cleaning because it is less abrasive and is also devoid of water and harsh chemcals. They will last longer and look better since they don’t have to bear the washing cycle agitation when washed in home machines.3

Giving time to your family and friends is more important than wasting it on washing clothes. Doing laundry at home may look simple, but you will end up spending an entire day. You can save your valuable time by taking dry cleaning service from Image Laundry. We offer on-demand laundry free pickup delivery near you and work with innovative greener technologies.

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