Tips to Remove Smoke Odour from Your Clothes

Tips to Remove Smoke Odour from Your Clothes

Tips to Remove Smoke Odour

As winter arrives, spending time by the campfire, having dinner sitting near fire pits becomes common. The smoky smell may be comfortable for the time being, but taking that smoky-odor on your clothes back home isn’t something you would like. People are found approaching laundry business bay after being tired of trying to get rid of the smell. Scroll down and keep reading to know tips and tricks to deal with such odor.

While some can be dealt with without washing, others require a bit more effort.

Tips for the ones ‘without washing’-

1. Fresh Air:

The first instinct to get rid of any odor is to let the clothing get exposed to fresh air. You can simply hang the clothing on the balcony or any other area of the house that has good ventilation.

2. Turn to odor removing spray for clothes:

A lot of people end up applying perfume to get rid of the odor, which isn’t good for clothes. Temporarily the odor may go away, but the smell of smoke, perfume, and sweat may turn into a bad combo. You can consult any laundry in Palm Jumeirah to find the best odor removing spray for clothes. There are also DIY homemade spray videos available on YouTube using drops of fabric-friendly essential oils.

3. Baking Soda to the rescue:

The smoky-odor that lingers on your clothes may seem stubborn, but baking soda has got you covered. Take a plastic bag and place your smoke smelling clothing in it. Add baking soda to it, shake it well to make sure the powder has mixed well with the clothing. Let it sit overnight. Baking soda works magic by absorbing the tough smoky-odor. Remove it and shed off the excess powder and hang the clothing in an area with good ventilation or put it into the drying cycle.

Tips for the ones to be ‘put into the washing machine’-

4. Lemon juice:

Lemons are underrated. You name a problem, and lemon or lemon juice is one of the solutions. In case of smoke odor from clothes, simply squeeze half a lemon onto the clothing before putting it into the washing machine along with the detergent or any other laundry helper you use regularly.

5. Use eco-friendly detergent with essential oils:

People on the internet do suggest getting scent boosters, but the laundry in Dubai prefers better options. A little research would tell you that the scent booster may turn out to be harmful to health. Hence, it is suggested to find eco-friendly detergent with essential oils that smell good and are safe to use. Add it to the smoke-smelling clothes before dropping them into the washing machine and wait for the results.

Who doesn’t like clothes that smell good and fresh? To some people, clothes are very close and personal, and we understand that. If you are worried about your clothes and looking for professional help, you can reach out to us. Image Laundry, being one of the preferred and reputed laundry in business bay Dubai, can take care of your clothes for you. In case of urgency, our pick-up and fast services can help you save time.

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