Useful Ironing Tips - Take it From Professionals

Useful Ironing Tips – Take it From Professionals

Ironing Tips

Ironing is a task you cannot afford to go wrong with as the consequences would be heart-breaking when you end up damaging your favourite cloth. In this blog, we have a covered few tips and tricks that are served directly from the board of best laundry in Dubai.

Top Ironing Tips to Follow

Set up a separate ironing space

Having a designated area for ironing is very important to get started with the chore well. It could be daunting and annoying if you have to find in the whole house for everything that you need for performing the task. Keeping all the requisites in one place and that will make the task quite less tiresome.

Right Equipment is must

Right equipment can make the task way less burdensome and eliminates the potential risks of damaging your clothes. Make sure you have the right iron, ironing board, and spray bottle to perform the task. Worn out iron inherited from your grandparents or ironing board with a broken leg could do more harm than good. Research well and choose the right equipment for performing this important chore.

Fill the spray with distilled water

We would recommend you to fill the ironing spray with distilled water. Using normal tap water could result in staining due to minerals and chemicals present in tap water. This could even cause damage to your iron.

Read the label carefully

Before you press your clothes, do not forget to read the label. The garment manufacturer knows best about how the cloth should be treated and cared. Certain delicate clothes cannot be ironed on high temperature or cannot be subjected to direct heat. So, it is better to read the label carefully rather than ending up damaging your favourite cloth.

Use aluminium foil

Place an aluminium foil under the cover of your ironing board. This will fasten the process as you could iron both the sides of the garment at once.

Separate the lot by fabric types

There are delicate fabrics that need to be ironed at a lower temperature setting. So, separate a whole lot of clothes by fabric types. Start with delicate clothes and then go ahead with a higher setting for the rest. This will save a lot of time as striating with a higher temperature and then waiting for the iron to cool down is a time-consuming and tiresome process.

Keep it slightly damp

The purpose of using a spray is that clothes are easier to press when they are slightly damp. As you begin ironing, work your way through it by using the spray in between or press with iron having steam function on it.

Cover the details first

While you are ironing, make sure you press the smallest and detailed parts of the cloth such as collar or cuffs or pleats first. Save the straightway, easy sections for last as that makes the process efficient.

Hang the garment properly

Once you are done ironing, hang each garment properly. Avoid piling them up to hang up later and that would just increase your work.

Some would enjoy ironing while for some it is an unpleasant chore. If you are someone who has a tight schedule and prefers outsourcing the chore, reach out to Image Laundry – a reputed laundry known for providing the best ironing service in Dubai.

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