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Useful Ironing Tips – Take it From Professionals

Ironing is a task you cannot afford to go wrong with as the consequences would be heart-breaking when you end...

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All You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning can extend the life of a variety of clothes in your house. It has been a popular way...

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Guide to Removing Dirt or Mud Stains From Clothing

Mud and dirt are unavoidable enemies of laundry. They may seem easy to manage, but if not handled correctly, they can lead...

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How Often Should You Be Dry Cleaning Your Wardrobe Essentials?

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where business meetings and social gatherings rule everyday scenario. As such, keeping your wardrobe essentials...

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How to Properly Deal With Stains on Silk

Silk is a soft, light, and breathable fabric perfect for Dubai's hot weather. Being a delicate and expensive material, even...

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How to Get 13 Types of Stains Out of Your Clothes

How to Get 13 Types of Stains Out of Your Clothes Spilling eatables and beverages accidentally on clothes is not...

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Difference Between Dry Cleaning & Laundering

One common question that the laundry services ask to their customers is, whether the garments needs to be dry cleaned,...

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Should My Suit Be Dry Cleaned or Laundry Washed?

We all are very possessive about our suits since they are one of our prized possessions, and an expensive addition...

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Ten reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned Year Round

A carpet is one of the most valuable assets at any home and facility. It raises the comfort level, and...

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